What Is The Internet Of Things?

“We humans have indeed always been adept at dovetailing our minds and skills to the shape of our current tools and aids. But when those tools and aids start dovetailing back — when our technologies actively, automatically, and continually tailor themselves to us, just as we do to them — then the line between tool and user becomes flimsy indeed.” – Andy Clark

Erik Davis
“When everything becomes linked with everything else, matter becomes…


  1. Ironically, the sidebar where youtube suggest new videos has a perfect description for this kind of technology which can be named using the title of one of Richard Dawkins books: The God Delusion. Secular people are using technology to make themselves into God; one giant mass consciousness tied to the earth.

  2. This goes along well with the video about how we are all cyborgs already. Machines are as intelligent as we make them, but when we can make them as intelligent as ourselves, technically don't they become a part of us.

  3. We are hijacking nature and trying to prove we can recreate it alchemically but only end up with something more perverse and detrimental to the very thing we need to survive. The flower provides for the bee, and vice versa. We are not symbiotic with anything but ourselves. Is it a flaw, or is this subjectively perverse version of nature evolutionary?

  4. I feel like the things around us will never really have a "mind" the way you describe it. Yes, the lights might turn on when you walk into the room, but it's just a pre-programmed setting based on your previous input. It's a simulation of mind for us to perceive, it's not an actual process of thinking. That way we are in danger of never experiencing the world in any other way than the way we've programmed it to be experienced and insulating ourselves in out own way of thinking. 

    I don't like it 😛

  5. The new IoT concept reminds me of the awe and wonder of the microprocessor revolution in the 70s. Nobody took much notice, other than gaze at a few novelties ie calculator. Then the big bang happened when mini-computers, servers and PCs developed rapidly and feverishly around it! I see something like that happening again by 2020, something will run with this IoT so effectively that techies will be left wandering "why didn't I see that coming"…

  6. What if your favorite song isnt known to you yet? or youre not sure how u like your lights or maybe u like them different all the time? I have a melancholy feeling about all of this streamlining on demand stuffs. I can't help but feel people will only insulate themselves while the world outside them changes and one day they realize they let it all pass them by as they were living a lucid wet dream and nothing more.

  7. Awesome video Jason. I liked the Andy Clark quote because I posed a question along those lines to a speaker at a conference who was talking about the IoT. To me I wonder at what point after automating our homes and devices do we lose the agency in the relationship.

  8. Notice how every example of the supposed 'usefulness' of this malarkey, is centered not on any creative, expressive power, but an increased consumption–as if that was we needed. Jeez, it really was a bitch opening my blinds, and turning on my lights. Suddenly, I have the heart to get out of bed in the morning, because I know everything will be done for me–as though the most enviable position in the universe was that of a fat king being fanned by his slaves.

  9. I agree, however, I'm still worried that all this technology, won't be available to everyone but rather to those who can afford to pay. What's the fate of the "excluded ones", what do you think will happen to the 1 billion people suffering from hunger and disease in our planet today?




    AND THE DIGITAL IS NOT CONSCIOUS. It's information systems. Clearly you don't understand the mechanism of consciousness. 

  11. How does this room that plays my favorite everytime I enter it – until I suppose the room realizes the song is played out — how does that connect to the unexpected juxtaposition talked about in the Serendipity episode of SHOTS OF AWE?  What if the new culture of techno-psychic amenities eliminates the possibility of discovery? How will we then do what we will have to do next?

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