1. Hii ..how do i run any code after the uploading code..this code would work independently..but when i combine it with other modules of my project,.the code placed after the upload code is not executing

  2. def uploadsignsCheck(self):
    fileName = QtGui.QFileDialog.getOpenFileName(self.label_98, 'Open File',"/usr/tmp","Images (*.png *.jpg)")
    imaged =QtGui.QPixmap("fileName")
    label_97 = QtGui.QLabel(Dialog)
    print(" pushButton_3 Clicked !")

    pls help me to solve this actually i want to upload a image from the Directory, it is not upload image and no error is showing.
    plz hep.

  3. Thanks. There's one question, I dont use "app = Flask(__name__)" for root, I use Blueprint from sqlalchemy,
    "main = Blueprint('main', _name_)" and trying to upload other kind of file. Is there any suggestions for where can I find a useful document or video?

  4. Rather than going through the browser, would there be any way to upload the file directly from another python script? I'm trying to get two raspberry pis to transfer files between them and do not have access to open the browser, to to the url, etc.

  5. Hi Great Video Thanks….However, if the user clicks the submit button without an uploaded file and error page is returned……what code do you need to add such that if a file is not uploaded and the submit button is mistakenly hit this will not happen. Thanks and looking forward to your feedback

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