1. Thanks for the amazing videos, please may I know why the line of code below is not working;

    <li style="background-image: url({% static 'front/img/{{ filename }}' %})" class="overlay">

    I embedded {{ }} inside {% %} but filename is not displaying its value, filename is a key in a dictionary sent to the template from view.py. Thank you.

  2. wow super cool justin, we want to touch the depth, thanks a lot for the course…… and one humble suggestion please please please touch down angular6 and firebase advance level. we hope that would be a great experience !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey, I was wondering if you could help me with this problem. Through the admin section I want to input text and save that text. i.e 'Hello, my name is.' I know how to do this. But I also want to perform a function on this text(translate it) and save it to the same table. So through admin i enter text 'hello my name is', which is the first charfield. Then I want the second charfield to be filled after there is a function performed on the first. Any advice will be highly appreciated. Thanks for the awesome videos!

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