The Dangers Of 5G Technology – The Internet Of Things

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5G will substantially increase exposure to radio–frequency electromagnetic fields RF-EMF, that has already been proven to be harmful for humans, animals and the environment. Risks from 5G include: Damage to the eyes – cataracts, retinal damage. Severe sweating.


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  1. I read somewhere that these frequencies allow heavy metals to cross the blood-brain barrier. Study done on mice using dye to track whatever it is they were using in the test. After they exposed the mice to these waves, the dye moved into the brain.

  2. I’m a targeted individual and have been implanted. I have been getting shot by radio frequencies since 2014. These pigs fly over in their demonic planes and shoot me. They amp up the electric wiring coming into the house, drones fly over and my chip number is programmed into it so I’m shot. The Pennsylvania state pigs , jehovah witness cult, freemasons and satanists are responsible.
    I truly hope their families are devastated by this technology too.

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