1. Here is the code that he typed out:

    import os

    def create_project_dir(directory):
    if not os.path.exists(directory):
    print('Creating project ' + directory)


    Your are welcome P)

  2. I tried the exact code given on the Github on pycharm 5.0.6 there were some import errors and I removed them by researching on google . Now the code is working fine but nothing coming out as the output of it . Please comment, it is an urgent project I am working on.

  3. hi bucky sir i hope you will help me
    i started watching your py videos to learn python3. i really loved it but i didn't get these things1- the whole concept about internet connection to us things like urllib, bs4, requests.#I want you to make a new tutorial all about my 1st problem things and try to explain in deep.

    2- the 2nd and 3rd function in Word Frequency Counter.#sir i want you to demonstrate about those 2 functions in detail.
    plz bucky sir i will be very thankful if u help mew out.#Ignore my poor english

  4. Great tutorial! Make sure to get on GitHub and check for the bugs to fix. If you want to dive right into scripting this is the guy to go to. Just stated two weeks ago and got this going!

  5. Hey thank Bucky! I've wanted to do something like this for a long time. Also I want to learn python, web scraping, web crawling and all the data-sciency kind of stuff. Thanks for all the hard work and the leg up!!

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