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This Edureka video on Python Tutorial (Python Tutorial Blog: covers all the basic knowledge for beginners who are planning to switch over to Python Development.

1. Introduction to Python
2. Python Features
3. Python Tokens
4. Data Types in Python
5. Flow Control in Python
6. Declaring and calling a Functions in Python

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  1. Just to let you know I have a Masters in science in teaching and am learning python now for several weeks. So far this Tutorial has been the best that I have watched. It is methodical simple to the point and covers most of the things needed to start coding. I really liked the flow charts for the flow control. If you reference my last two comments and fix what I saw as needed this would be a near perfect lesson. Could you do a lesson on the structure of a complete program start to finish including compiling into a stand alone executable?

  2. Dear Sir, I have a question.
    I have a set of inout for forming a data report which performs calculations and prints tabulated form of reports and charts discipline or class wise. This should also print monthly reports in certain format. Is it possible to do in Python?

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