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My couch + a good book on my Kindle == Bliss.

I can’t help it, it’s my happy place. So whenever I can I spend a few happy hours stretched out on the couch, reading and gulping down coffee.

Apparently I’m not the only Pythonista who enjoys this—

When the paperback version of Python Tricks came out a few weeks ago, I got several emails that basically said:

“That’s cool… Can’t wait for the…


  1. for some reason, the kindle version is not available on my amazon app. The paperback shows up fine but when I select the Kindle format, there is no option to putchase the book. It gives me a Kindle sample but the whole book is not available.

  2. Hi Dan, Execute this code and see the magic.
    user_id_to_name = {
    11 : 'Dan',
    12 : 'bharath',
    13 : 'sam',
    14 : 'chay',

    def greeting(user_id):
    return "Hi %s!" % user_id_to_name.get(user_id,'Nice Trick')



  3. Thanks Dan. Having already bought the paperback, it was $0.99 and a no brainer to tack on the kindle edition. Love having it for quick access from my phone kindle app when I'm out and about. Cheers!

  4. Hi Dan, I just bought the Kindle version. It is cool and awesome :-). How do u know all these awesome tricks? Will u please tell me the trick. Thank you for writing this book for me.Just Kidding.Bye:-)

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