📘🐍 Python Tricks: The Book – Now Available On Kindle

Get the Kindle version of Python Tricks: The Book β–Ί

My couch + a good book on my Kindle == Bliss.

I can’t help it, it’s my happy place. So whenever I can I spend a few happy hours stretched out on the couch, reading and gulping down coffee.

Apparently I’m not the only Pythonista who enjoys thisβ€”

When the paperback version of Python Tricks came out a few weeks ago, I got several emails that basically said:

“That’s cool… Can’t wait for the…


  1. for some reason, the kindle version is not available on my amazon app. The paperback shows up fine but when I select the Kindle format, there is no option to putchase the book. It gives me a Kindle sample but the whole book is not available.

  2. Hi Dan, Execute this code and see the magic.
    user_id_to_name = {
    11 : 'Dan',
    12 : 'bharath',
    13 : 'sam',
    14 : 'chay',

    def greeting(user_id):
    return "Hi %s!" % user_id_to_name.get(user_id,'Nice Trick')



  3. Thanks Dan. Having already bought the paperback, it was $0.99 and a no brainer to tack on the kindle edition. Love having it for quick access from my phone kindle app when I'm out and about. Cheers!

  4. Hi Dan, I just bought the Kindle version. It is cool and awesome :-). How do u know all these awesome tricks? Will u please tell me the trick. Thank you for writing this book for me.Just Kidding.Bye:-)

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