Python Practice – Interview Question – Fizz Buzz | Mosh

Fizz buzz is a popular Python interview question. Watch this video and practice Python.

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  1. Hi Mosh, I've got your node course and love it, but people have been having an issue with winston – hope you don't mind me posting here about it, thought it might get more attention than your older videos.

    Basically with winston v3 (and potentially the version you use), when handling uncaught exceptions within process.on(), the call to process.exit(1) seems to race the call to winston.log() and the exception is never logged. There are a few questions about it on the forums, but no answers seem to be very concrete (and the same seems to be true of google). Would appreciate if either you or Troy could have a look? It's driving me mad!

  2. Hey Mosh, how are you doing? I have a question for you… Do you still program in C# as your primary language or are you becoming a python programmer and getting away from C#? I am a C# programmer and I am interested on learning other languages too, but I want to know if you keep investing your time in C# or do you think worth investing in a new language like javascript or python, since I respect very much your opinion…

  3. Hey Mosh
    i am your continous listner . have you any tutorial serial of pyhton for web or mobie app or python for Data Science that is project base like a series of vidly or GigHub?
    if u have any series like this please tell me ?

  4. A bit of nit picking. When your number 15, there happens two evaluations. Lesser is not possible. When your number is 3, your program is doing 3 evaluations. If you take the number 5, you have finally 4 evaluations. If you repeating testing over and over one Boolean, which have to be evaluated before, it's better to save the result in a variable and reuse this variable. In this function this really doesn't matter. If this function is doing a cpu heavy calculation, you want to do this only one time. The code can look like this:
    I used the else block explicit to show the user that there is one special case. We have enough horizontal space 🙂

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