1. Writing Python is helping me become a better C# programmer at work. Since Python is so readable I spend more time thinking about what I'm trying to accomplish than focusing on types and syntax and that is transferring over to working in C#.

  2. I aim to pass CCNA certification, some people talk about Python in networks when they prepare CCNA. could you tell me whey ? Should I learn Python ? there is specific Python for people who looking fir jon in networking ( CCNA ) ? thanks Maestro 🙂 !

  3. I don't think you can compress Python because it requires indentation to identify nested statements and the structure of conditional statements. Interesting to hear python is considered slow. I would expect this after taking a class in python at a University but I am not experienced enough to really know.

  4. Hello, I am from Bangladesh and I wanna be a professional bot of enterprise and non enterprise web application developer/Engineer,, so which language should i learn? java or python? I love java so much than python but I fear that if there is no job available related java development,, please show me an way.

  5. Hey!
    What do you think about the book "Think Python " by Allen B. Downey ?
    I am currently reading it (as it is free , and I have heard many good things about it ) , and so far it seems very good , although it tries to teach you programming with the least amount of python possible ( or at least that's the idea ) .
    Do you think it's a good approach for a beginner to learn programming like that ?

  6. I only use the exercise ball for my office chair…I learned just how deadly sitting can be, never again, with the exercise ball I have been injury free for 10 years!!!! Thanks amigo

  7. Python optimizes for programmer time. It might run slower than C++, but you can write Python programs ten times faster than in C++. And what's more expensive, programmer time or CPU time? 😉

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