1. I'm not planning on breeding my female normal, but I'm under the impression that she's in her own natural season. Should I continue offering her usual medium rats or leave her alone…it's been over a month since she ate last.

  2. The idea is that you get them used to feeding in their cage/home and not associate being handled outside of their natural environment with being fed. The only reason behind this is possibly creating a scenario where you end up getting bit.

  3. Thank you, great tips ! My males are pounding every rat I give them, but some of my females won't eat. You said that it's usually males that will stop eating. Well, I found it pretty funny that my snakes are on the contrary (;

  4. @joeverc – the most common reason for your snake killing but not swallowing a rat if it gets scared while eating or if it has a respiratory infection. I think it is unrelated to your breeding season.

  5. Great videos Justin! All my balls have been breeding since Nov. no eggs yet and some girls are still pounding food. A few have been killing and trying to swallow the rat and then spitting it out, just the head is wet. Is this common? Maybe their appetite is bigger than their stomachs? Any input? Thanks! Hope you get some more dreamsicles this season!!!!!!!!

  6. @jkobylka What do you suggest I do now ?
    Should I try to feed them again or just keep waiting and hoping for best now ?

    Last year, they all stopped like clockwork, but this year is different, may be the temperatures, humidity and pressure.

  7. @Watever44 – don't ever stop feeding them if they want to eat… remember that they know better than you what they are doing… it is definitely possible that they may be off season or something else is making them not want to produce. You can't do anything to change that.

  8. great video this is a little of subject but the baby rack how is the heat tape setup on it cause I am having trouble with my heat tape. If you could would you watch my video and help me thanks.

  9. What do you think of a females that are still pounding food in end of January and even in February and is locking with males.
    Should you keep feeding her if you want her to breed or should you try stop to try to get her to grow follicules.
    Could they just be offset in the season, or just don't want to go ?

  10. Great videos. With a collection that size do you produce your own food?I haven't been as successful with that side of things and almost think it's not worth the hassle.

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