OpenCV3 Tutorials 1: Installing OpenCV 3 on Anaconda

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I forgot to mention the pre-requisites: You need to have the following libraries installed:
Python 2.7.X
numpy (conda install numpy)
Optional but highly recomended (matplotlib)

Most of the time using “conda install opencv” would not work. especially in the latest versions.


  1. Do you know if its possible to use this method with Anaconda Python 3? I suspect not, since the official opencv python build only has the cv2 module for 2.7, and not Python 3. I'd like to be wrong though

  2. I am using ubuntu 16.04, I cannot find the /home/<user>/anaconda3/lib/site-packages .. I am using python3.5, I tried to paste it in /home/<user>/anaconda3/lib/python3.5/site-packages but still not working ..

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