mLab and Python | Part 2

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Easy cloud database service with mLab and Python.

Notebook here:

More awesome topics covered here:
Introduction to Numpy:
Introduction to Matplotlib:
Intermediate Python:
Functional Programming in Python:
Python Package Publishing:
Multithreading in Python:…


  1. Hello Nikhil, this is the closest I am getting to connecting to mlab.
    I am not using Jupiter notebook. Instead I am using a straight .py file.
    How do I simply write the code to display the result of the document that was created in mlabs? I keep getting "not defined" errors when wanting to use "print" the document from the command prompt / interpreter. I am using python 2.7 – thanks I really am hoping for more of your, easy to understand tutorial for displaying successful connection to the DB, collections as well as displaying documents. Additionally more CRUD with emphasis in .py file format. Thank you

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