Learn Coding as an Absolute Beginner: Where to Start? 🤔

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► Get in the right mindset for mastering Python and see how to make continuous progress

In this video I’m going to reply to a question that I got from Madey on Twitter: “For someone who wants to learn to code but has absolutely no knowledge on coding where should I start?”

To figure out the best way for you to learn how to program from scratch it’s a good idea to think about why you want to learn coding in the first place. Becoming a professional…


  1. i want to make a sequel of undetale i have the same talents as toby fox only i dont know if hes going to make undertale 2 so yeah….. ill hope for the best because i dont have a development team… and this project im going to work on is going to be pretty big its going to take like 3 or 4 years but ill get started on programming

  2. I'll be honest…. this is the worst. Where to find goals? If you don't know anything about coding how are you supposed to come up with goals? 12 mins, no answer. Where do you start as a beginner? Come up with motivations and goals… right. This video hurt my brain, and demotivated the shit outta me

  3. Very good and motivating video.
    I started learning Python without any target problem. I just felt very enthusiastic about learning something new and hard, and I new that programmers are in demand, so I googled about which language is good for beginners and landed on Python. At first I had no idea what to do with programming, but after few tutorials about simple numerical operations, variables, if/else statements and booleans I started to get so many ideas that I wanted to do. So basically the knowledge about some basic stuff got me so hooked that I had to stop everything else, because I found so many small programs and tools that I wanted to write – time-code calculator, compound interest calculator and command line game "Mastermind" (computer gives you randomly 5 colors and you have guess those colors). I was actually really proud of that game and I remember playing it few weekends with paper and colored pencils.
    So basically what I wanted to say is that if you are beginner, you probably don't even know what you can do with coding and that's OK. It is enough if you just have enthusiasm about it.

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