How to convince your team or company to use Python? 🖥🐍

► Python’s best features, explained with simple code examples

“How can I convince people that Python is the right choice for our needs?”

Great Python question that I got from a reader. This is written from the perspective of someone trying to convince their team and the rest of their company to start using Python.

In this video I’ll share some of my thoughts on how to convince people to go with Python. The best strategy will depend on how much…


  1. Hi Dan, thanks for your videos & I also ordered your book on Amazon yesterday.. My question is this: I work for a big production industry corporation (>20.000 employees) where I solved problems from people that took hours of manual work of their time with python. Now it only takes seconds and the program makes no mistake. Now senior IT management told me Python is too risky and everything related to IT (installing Python in other machines) has to come from IT and they have no interest. Therefore my teammates have to do everything manually again.. Any advice?

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