How Tell If Your Ball Python Is A Male Or Female By Popping This Way!!

In today’s video I show how to sex a ball python using my technique of popping. Once you are able to get the hang of this popping technique, you can practice. I find it easier to practice on larger males and then try this popping technique on smaller males and then hatchlings.

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  1. just can not seem to get the hang off it I no my snake male as sperm plugs were there just see slightly but not pop out as much as you seem to get it to. is it just practice also maybe and not press hard enough dont want to hurt the snake I feel like am putting to much pressure not sure

  2. Wow! I've looked at quite a few popping vids to see how it's done and none of them have left me with any confidence that I could do it without hurting the snake! You're technique looks a lot less stressful for all concerned and I shall definitely be trying your way of doing it tomorrow. Thank you for making me feel a lot more confident to try this.

  3. I don't know if you ever see this comment but I want to thank you because I was doing the other way and my ball python looked at me like if it was in pain I still couldn't figure out the sex of my ball python but just how simply you just push it was a lot more easier for me to figure out what gender my ball python was and it was a lot less painful because she was less stressed out she was less tense and was more calm with the simple push

  4. I could not believe this! Had to stop the video just now and try it on a few of my snakes and it works! It was so easy!!!! I LOVE this! Why is this not being shown all over? It is so much less intrusive and less damaging if you were to do it wrong. It was little more difficult on some of my very large males, but it was still enough to know if it is male or not. I will definitely be using this method from now on. Thanks Billy

  5. this is a fantastic video. this technique worked right off the bat and is so easy. I have watched countless videos to learn with no success. I watched this once and I could sex every snake I have. Thank you!

  6. Okay little "pocket" you was talking about that you just push, do you push it like a button? Or what? Cause man as SIMPLE as youve explained this i stilllll am not grasping it. Sorry man im really new lol

  7. How much pressure are you applying ? I'm always afraid I'm going to hurt them and unfortunately I'm just not getting it. I have adult males and hatchling males and can't get it on either

  8. I've always been so nervous to try popping, they way everyone else shows how to do it, like you said, has tons of bending and rolling and whathaveyou. Awesome video, man!
    If I ever decide to get into freeways and such, I know where I'm headed. I always end up on your morph market page lol

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