1. They are not as forgiving with temps and humidity. They can also get very easily stressed and no, stress is not a feeling, but a physical, real, chemical in the body that can keep it from performing correctly.

  2. Why not? Sure they are little harder to care for then most animals and there are a few more requirements, but as a whole, gtp's are not very difficult species to maintain, I personally know a handful of people who have go gtp's as their first snake and have done just fine…

  3. Yes they are commonly bred in captivity. IF you ever have the desire to purchase one. I recommend going to morelia viridis forum (dot)com. Its a great site full of very knowledgeable breeders and keepers.

  4. Dude you dont say / write delicate when you mean fragile.
    It can be fragile but it is always misleading since it barely means fragile anymore, it was used more way back in the beginning of 1900's.

    By the way otherwise a good video filled with tips, i have to disagree though on the repti bark. It is okay stuff and the snakes i have has not taken any harm by miss coloring or anything so far.

    Tierwohl is better stuff but it is harder to get also. And only comes in 25kg bags.

  5. Snakes as a rule are not compatible with other animals unless it’s the same species, the same sex, and about the same size. And even then I would only keep two in the same cage and feed them separately.

  6. A plastic container is used for baby snake only. No longer then ten inches. after that then they should be put in a glass aquarium. start with a Five or Ten gallon aquarium as the snake grows then you will need to buy the next size aquarium and so on.

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