Google Sheets and Python

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If you’re running into insufficient permission errors, update the scope in the…


  1. Oh god, when I heard that one of our applications uses spreadsheets as a source of input, I had trouble believing that there would have been a guide in this sort of pattern. TIL

  2. at 2:50 it raises

    HttpAccessTokenRefreshError(error_msg, status=resp.status)
    oauth2client.client.HttpAccessTokenRefreshError: invalid_scope: Empty or missing scope not allowed.

    for some reason. Anyone has a clue why?

  3. I built an API in python to do my work in exell and I still got paid at the end of the month for 4 months before I got bored of playing games in my cubical and maintaining my API and adapting it to new work requirements… I did post it on my GitHub but no one wanted it since you do need to configure it to do your specific work, but I didn't have any documentation so….

    Basically what my work was: check growth margin from the last hour, day, week, month, year and run a formula which will give me the expected growth in the next year… It was a bit hard since my company works with many articles so I had to do that for as many articles as I can in one day so I just built an API, gave it the data it needs and it gave me the finished product, I entered it in the Excell and I was done for the day…. 30 minutes and I am done for the next 7:30 hrs
    I could have spilled the truth and gave my API to my co-workers but then I'd run the risk of being fired because once the boss finds out he doesn't need 3 workers, he is going to fire 2 and keep 1 to do all of the work….

  4. I had to use google's api in a winform app, but after watching this video i ended up implimenting this python code inside my c# code and it works perfectly. Thanks for explaining it flawlessly

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