GodotCon 2017 | Python for Godot

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Emmanuel Leblond (touilleMan) presents the PythonScript module that he is developing for Godot 3.0, which will allow the use of (Micro)Python as a scripting language.

Module source repository:


00:00 | Presentation
00:30 | Features and example
05:34 | MicroPython vs CPython
10:35 | Threaded garbage collection
12:49 | PythonScript Implementation
19:28 | Roadmap
22:32 | Questions &…


  1. Why not Ruby ? It's a full object oriented programming language (more than Java !), simple to learn and full of overpowered standard library tools ! Really cool for game I think =) And it would be an occasion for Ruby to be used elsewhere than Rails…

  2. Good talk but you really have to find a way to make the audio better. It was really difficult to listen between the noise of the hands on the microphone and the constant change in volume. Wireless tie-clip mic are not expensive anymore.

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