From Lumberjack to Python Developer

Scott Stahl

There’s a been lot of talk over the past few years about workforce retraining and software bootcamps. So what’s the reality? I will tell the story of rebooting my career at 30 from working in lumber & building materials to becoming a developer, share some thoughts on why it worked for me and some of the lessons learned from my first year on the job.

PyOhio is a free (thanks sponsors!) annual conference for Python programmers in and…


  1. Eerily similar story to mine! Didn't work in the lumber industry per se, but I worked in building supplies/contracting for many years (forklift certified and all). Always loved computers and programming but I never broke into programming as my full-time job because back in the 90s people/guidance counsellors insisted on heavy math/science in highschool (not a good time for me). Eventually got a degree in English and then a Masters in Library Science and worked as a librarian for a few years and slowly have been transitioning to more computer science (writing tools at my job to help me). Thanks a lot for this video, really inspired me to keep pushing to be where I want to be. Wish I lived in the U.S. some days, as the job market for programming looks a lot more rosy in the bigger markets than it does here in Canada. Check me out on github:

  2. Hi Scott. Inspiring ! Im into Ops and AWS Cloud and am also looking to skill up on Javascript and the MEAN stack. Its good to know that there are opportunities available for such changes. All the best for your future endeavors ! Cheers!

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