Django’s chromatic run in ‘Minor Swing’ made super easy!

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Soundslice integration. Practice this lick slowly, with synced score and looping to your heart’s content:

– technique exercises (mentioned in the video):
– older detailed video on right hand picking technique:…


  1. Thanks Christiaan, for this and many other videos which I have enjoyed. An obvious and possibly stupid question is: how could Django have played these descending chromatic runs using just two fingers? I appreciate that he had limited use of his 3rd and 4th fingers for chording purposes, but I don't think they could have been involved in these acrobatic runs. For what it's worth I appreciate that ascending runs can be accomplished with two fingers, the second one sliding, and lots of practice – is there any suggestion that Django slid through descending runs? Also, and in passing, the ascending diminished arpeggio at the end of this lick is much easier with just two fingers, with the F being found on the 6th fret of the B string (or 2/6 for shorthand?).

  2. Thank you Cristiaan for doing all the videos. Good source for practising.

    One Question:
    As i don't own a Selmer style guitar anymore i would like to "gypsy up" my archtop a bit sound wise. I have 13th flat wounds on it right now.
    What strings you would recommend for an Archtop to get a more gypsy like sound.

    Greets from Germany

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