1. guys i had the same problem….what i did was i uninstalled my python 3.5 and installed python 2.7 checked the option for "add python.exe to path" that popped up during installation and now everything runs smoothly

  2. I ran 'python –version' in my Power Shell, and it said that 'python' wasn't a recognized command. So I figured I didn't have it installed. I checked..and I do have it installed.

    I hate software development. All of these tools are so poorly designed, it's pathetic. Every time I try to do the basics, I immediately run into problems. Every. Single. Time. I give up.

  3. <input type="text" name="username" value="Shaumik Ghosh" required>
    <textarea name="bio">Shaumik Ghosh</textarea>
    sir we need to display our data into input field from data base when there is something need to be updated. Would you please like to explain how could we do it using django form please?

  4. I got started with Django and I tried several online tutorials but to no avail…then I remembered Bucky and wondered if he had any tutorials on this, and lucky lucky me here I am. You've made my career Bucky and I can't thank u enough, and I'm back once again.

    Yours sincerely,
    A devoted student since 5 years

  5. thenewboston Hi Bucky! I am wondering if you also teach about the Uwsgi configuration to develop mobile applications in Python3.6? I got this job offer and they want me to develop an application on python using Uwsgi configuration and I haven't found any videos for that! If you can make me a recommendation at least, I would be very recognising. Thank you! Great Videos you explain very simple and easy to understand for begginners like me:)

  6. hey Bucky, i facing some problem when i installed the django i saw in last" finished process dependency of django==1.9"
    but when i try to see the version of the django that time always pop on some message "failed to create a process".

  7. Unable to install Django using easy_install tool

    [Errno 13] Permission denied: 'c:\program files\python37\Lib\site-packages\test-easy-install-7520.write-test'

    The above is the error message. Even if the folder has 777 permission the problem is still there

  8. for all beginners who want to learn django, i WANT TO TELL YOU THAT THIS IS AN EXCELLENT SERIES, please follow all the way to the end, even the instructor drop the series after episode 40, all the tutorials from 1 to 40 is still amazing enough

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