Django-Cms Sample Webapp Github Project – Python

An example project using Django-CMS, It uses the twitter bootstrap Start bootstrap new age template project and static files served from local. Django CMS Sample Web application project for sample Static Page and you can do alot with your creativity.

Github Url

git clone sample-project
cd sample-project
Activate the Virtual Environment. (source env/bin/activate)


  1. Hi! Is it possible to run that template in Windows? I'm learning Django and I'd like use that CMS to keep learning more. It's really nice template! I've been reading the official documentation and watching tutorials in YouTube using Django 2.0.4. I got Python 3.6 installed in my PC. Is it a problem to run this project? Is coded in python 2 right? I tried to run the virtual environment and I couldn't! I would appreciate your help with that! Thanks

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