Codecademy – Python: Tutorial #1


0:00 — 1. Welcome!
2:15 — 2. Variables
2:53 — 3. Booleans
3:39 — 4. You’ve Been Reassigned!
3:53 — 5. Whitespace
4:42 — 6. Whitespace Means Right Space
4:53 — 7. Matter of Interpretation
5:36 — 8. Single Line Comments
6:55 — 9. Multi-Line Comments
7:20 — 10. Math
8:58 — 11. Exponentiation
9:50 — 12. Modulo
11:52 — 13. Bringing it All…


  1. I enjoyed your style of teaching! Thanks! I was wondering how long you've been doing your videos? And also what apps you've developed, or what you personally program for? I went to your website but couldn't find a portfolio or an about, but hey I appreciate what your doing, I subscribed and will catch your vids when i can. Thanks again! You'll probably never see this comment but we'll see. Have a good one!!

  2. Sir your these similar types of works are Very helpful for us so we requesting you to upload more these types of helpful videos of code Academy, and others programming tutorials because this is very help ful for any beginners programming learners, thanking you!

  3. hello brother.i want to learn the courses which are helpful to me,but sometimes i feel that it is very difficult to learn the courses.i feel very curiosity when i want to learn any new course,but if i go deep i feel that whether i am right student or not. i am searching for the free courses,luckily i got this website i.e codeacademy.

  4. I just discovered your channel and I love your videos. I love your energy and you explain things in a relatable clear way. I also love that you kinda try to give basic real world examples. Keep up the great stuff 😀

  5. So I know that this is not part of the video but I am in intro to programming the book is covering decimals and conversion. Is this really important considering python is a high-level language and as far as I can tell so far it doesn't seem that one would need to know these things in great depth. Is there a lot of math involved in programming?

  6. Just stumbled upon your channel – the JOY!! Been stuck on the codeacademy course for weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks. Just reset my progress because I have forgotten EVERYTHING, really hoping this video helps 🙂

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