Build sophisticated Internet of Things and M2M applications

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We’re making the internet of things easier. Create sophisticated products and services by connecting objects to the Internet and creating applications for them using Bluwired. Build applications that monitor, control and connect. Create apps that manage devices from anywhere in the world. Accelerate development of complex connected products and drastically reduce your development costs.


  1.  what if they could make a treadmill for you shoes? is that possible and the talking watch and the  phone computer where you can call on your computer the the amazing gadgets of the future and space rockets go into space in 2070ad from buliding and- trains that are 50 feet in the air like roller coasters. that's a glimpse in the future i wonder all night lose sleep over worrying if im safe in the world i worry about the sun.

  2.  i look at it 1 way or 2 ways internet with sophisticated is good it stop boredom and 2 gives you something to do. but internet sophisticated is bad because it slows you down and make me not want to use the internet and use you tube because its awesome  some website like Google you tube oovoo chat roulette etc.. others are to hard to understand. and doesn't show you the search bar. it sometimes some days make me never care about most things some days because my life's a downer 6 months ago i cried for 1 week straight in silence no one notice im the only one on this planet that feel that way because look at me i am the only one because their isn't one like me and if their is can you let me know because i believe im the only one because im a fool.

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