Build a Social Network with MEAN Stack Part 4

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You asked for it, you got it… Part 4 of how to build a social network in the MEAN Stack 🙂 Today we cover Following and only retrieving Wastes from accounts that you follow.

The source code on our Github Repository has been updated 😀


  1. Man, freaking excellent code along videos, keep it up!. It'd be nice to see some new higher level M.E.A.N App, or M.E.A.N best practices or include gulp or webpack!! :). I think im asking too much lol, had fun learning watching your videos.


  2. hey Rick. love the videos, I've learned a lot and they're really helpful. Just a suggestion for the future though, I think you should try to code how you would in production. A lot of times, you say how since its just a code along, this will pass. But, at least for me, I want to learn the best style of coding, not just a easy way to get it done. Will there be/is there a video to make this more secure like you mentioned in this video? Thanks!

  3. I am starting and I liked a lot the videos. I am having problems to make the unfollow functionality and make the follow correctly. Are you going to make the video #5?
    Thank you very much.

  4. great job ….

    Could you help me?
    My Wastes are repeating after approx. 2 minutes ( 1:59 minutes) and i have just changed the code a little, as when posting a waste , I didn't used Waste.find(); after

  5. Oh yes. I forgot. So I have seen all other use videos use grunt and gulp. What do they do that is different from just making the app yourself like you are in these videos. I much prefer making the app this way rather than having gulp and grunt and all their files. I have no idea what they do.

    I do know that one of them builds the app in one html file I think?

  6. "Thank you guys for helping us surpass 350 subscribers! To keep this boat rolling, we will give you guys another Tutorial at 400 subscribers and then give you Part 5 at 500 subscribers!" Reached over 1k+ Now you owe us the next 3 parts 😀

  7. This was an awesome fucking series! The most straight-forward comprehensive start-to-finish guide to the MEAN stack I've seen on YouTube. Looking forward to the next video!

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