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  1. Hey Qazi! I've been following you since long, I want to know that what would you like to say about "Web2Py" framework for python ?? I mean I was recently learing it, It's easy and more or like Django but nobody even mention this Framework while talking about python!

  2. Yeah exactly..django is just a magic….i kept making project with django and at the end of the project i couldn't beleive that i made this project and i forgot everything that i have made so far

  3. I‘m more familiar with the PHP world. Django sounds for me similar like cakePHP, which is derived from „Ruby on rails“. Is „Flask“ compareable to any PHP framework?

  4. #Cleverqazi sir I have a question.
    I have a facebook chat group where I and my friends talk about programming. Bt For some time we are quarrel each other. The topic is , I told them making projects are very usefull to growup problem solveing approch but they are telling there ar no relation between making projects and problem solveing. For growup that approch I need to solve problems more and more from book and some websites.
    So I am confiused what should I do? I am focusing on making projects for own bt now I confiused please tell me something.
    Here is my frist project:

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