Ball Python Recessive Projects!

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Today I talk about ball python recessive projects, the Gene’s I’m working with and how I’m doing my projects.

The Substrate I Use
Exoterra Coco Husk Substrate for Reptiles and Amphibians 20 l

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Intro credit Erick Morillo Makers Anthem.


  1. It's never to late to start a project, especially a recseive one. As long as you start. The time spent thinking about how long it could take, the more excuses one will find not to start. You have a great plan with great variety. Best of luck, and looking forward to see your results.

  2. You are so right, I think i's important to breed with the genes you like and not just what's expensive/popular. But it makes it harder to let go of snakes you really just want to keep 😛

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