🐍🎓 Algorithms and Data Structures Knowledge to Get a Python Job?

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โ–บ Dive into Python data structures with simple code examples

How much Computer Science data structures and algorithms knowledge do you need to get a job as a Python coder?

This is what we’re going to talk about in this video. Here’s the original question I received from a dbader.org reader:


What is the minimum Data Structures and Algorithms knowledge I can get away with?

In my work as QA I rarely used any linked lists or graphs or algorithmic…


  1. Is very comforting in ones strive to continue coding to hear you talk so openly about yourself and stay simpleminded and straight forward in what one can achieve no matter ones math skills. I actually gonna study math again because now I really enjoy understanding it while programming thanks to your videos!

  2. Have watched a few videos, great content. Thanks. However the videos are too long given the amount of info divulged. Kinda feel like I watched you for ten minutes thinking of what to say next with 6 minutes of content. Sorry.

  3. You are doing great job and very unbiased reviews.Sir,what is the best programming language to learn data structures and what is the best programming language to learn algorithms??..please suggest me…

  4. Dan, thank you for this. Super helpful as I was trying this weekend to decide how deeply to dive into data structures and algorithms during the autumn. Greatly relieved to find out that it isn't necessary to, e.g., read Donald Knuth cover to cover — at least not at this point in my learning!

    BTW, each of your videos that I've watched so far has had a very high signal-to-noise ratio, while also being engagingly delivered. Great work, and thanks again.

  5. Yet another great video by Dan ๐Ÿ™‚ Questions like, "what if I don't know those important stuff (algorithms, data structures, math) perfectly", "Should I start learning them then come back to real coding" were always worrying me. After watching this video I kinda feel more confident and motivated. Thanks Dan, really appreciate!

  6. Dan Bader, thank you for the useful insights. You mentioned that you studied in Germany. Would you say that this proofs of data structures are being asked in german firms as well, or is there any other way they evaluate there?

  7. This is Eissa over at Journey to Programming. I definitely agree with your view on the topic. I've had similar discussions with colleagues, and usually have a similar view on the knowledge being important and a great benefit to any developer. Great video and explanations/examples!

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