Advice for your server side: Choosing between NodeJS, Python and Go

A bit of advice for helping you choose your server-side stack for your next project and give you a little overview and comparison between these 3 very popular options.


  1. Fair advices. The most serious barrier for golang adampation, imo, is lack of popularization. Even for small tasks like a JWT authentication, there is no tutorial for most of the Go frameworks (Gin, Echo, Iris, etc.).
    So the learning curve becomes bumpy and It needs much more efforts that node to start with.
    Otherwise, it is truly shining. micro seconds of response instead of milliseconds of node. It beats node in dust in all conceivable tasks.

  2. 4.30 he mentioned Go routines, which is essentialy just a background thread listing to messages from a network. You can create an asynchronous thread in C#, C++, Python, NodeJS, and many other languages. ( these are just the ones i am trying to decide for my specific project). The setup is really just the developers preference.

    I am building a bitcoin wallet with a backend API storing data in MongoDB
    In my experience, Mongo has been the easiest for me to work with in Python & NodeJS & PHP

    My application should not be very CPU demanding, if it were i would probably have to choose C# or C++.
    According to bechmark testing GO is much slower than C++ in almost every case. see

    The following operations will be happening in my application:
    File Read/write ( public and private RSA keys )
    RSA encryption
    websocket POST GET

    My application will be using the following benchmarks in its design structure ( not considering the libraries i might be using )

    According to the benchmark, GO performs better than NodeJS; however, my front end application is developed in NodeJS and i still need to decide if i want to choose consistency or efficiency.

    if i 'go' the nodeJS route i will probably have another Go developer to develop this in the future when the project is making money.

    Great video for advice.

  3. Isn't this misleading? NodeJs is not a programming language. Python and Go are programming languages. NodeJs is a development environment; it replaces the browser to work with JavaScript.

  4. if you have high traffic and small budget you can not afford node or python , so its Go or PHP7 not any other version
    the tool you will use to do the programming is not the problem the cost of running should be the only factor that decide which language to use

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