9 CRAZY Things That Will Happen Before 2050!

Craziest things that will happen before 2050! These are the top future events and things that will happen before 2050!

#7. “Internet of Things”- Imagine a scenario where you spill the last glass of milk on your shirt and the ground, then almost instantaneously a new shirt it delivered to you, milk is added to your shopping list and the floor is cleaned. This fantasy may soon be a reality with the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things or IoT, something that many companies like…


  1. 8:10 "50% job increase" – don't get it! Alternative energy will kill all these old factories, so people loose their jobs, also people who "fight" climate change, less people will be injured – less people will get sick – so less people will go to doctors – so no need many doctors…….. it will reduce jobs…

  2. Sorry to say but there will never be a truck that doesn't need a driver. They have them yes but they require a person behumd the wheel for safety reasons. Seeing the back an truck without a driver can not check a load nor can it do any kind a inspection. If it gets pulled over for an inspection the company will get the ticket not the truck.

  3. I think a collapse of European Union like Soviet! Gender equality gonna help the collapse becouse lack of births in the working population and a lot of economical refugees eating the economy!

  4. It's already been stated in comments below but gender inequality, in the US at least, is a complete myth. Not only are there zero facts to back up men having an economic advantage over women, but it is also illegal to implement. If men made more than women, then businesses would be foolish to hire men.

  5. Gender equality? Nonsense, females are not built equal, they are not even meant to work. You feminists are destroying our planet. Females will never get up in a bucket truck and climb trees, cutting with chain saws. This is bogus nonsense.

  6. Mars is absolutely a possibility but i think we need to almost perfect A.I first . The reason i i said that is because we would need A.I machines to build infrastructure on the moon 1st & have the ability to build replicate more A.I machines. I believe that's important so we can store supplies (water , fuel , etc.) , materials to repair A.I assets & the ship that would then be flown by A.I to Mars & build what they did on the moon but i a much larger scale .

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